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Nov. 1st, 2005 @ 09:30 pm
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my gamer card Nov. 1st, 2005 @ 09:28 pm
Katie won't let me be myself. She wants me to not be a gamer. Too bad.

I am now the official video game reporter/reviwer for the UW daily! Yeah! I have an article coming out a week from tomorrow that is a review of my new love, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat!!!

Yes, that is it.

Alrighty Aug. 29th, 2005 @ 10:41 pm
So, I would like to announce that I am leaving tomorrow! Yay!...

Today I decided, yes decided (!) to get up at...... six in the morning. This wasnt just because I enjoy watching the sun rise but actually because I decided Id play a quick 18 holes in St. Andrews before breakfast. haha i rule!!!!!!!!(!)

Anyways, this was a course similar to my home course interbay, but it was very memorable. For those who dont know, St Andrews is on the sea, and the wind is remarkably hard. This course was no different- example A

I had a 310 yard drive.
I hit a ball "fat" that should have gone about 30 yards... It flew about 80 and roled on the hard ground onto the green... and a foot away from the cup.

Example C

I pulled out my nine iron for a 100 yard hole because the wind was strong. As I approached the ball the wind died 100%. I walked back and got my p wedge. As I grabbed it, the wind started again. As I put it back in the bag, it died again. ARGH!

Yeah, it was a blast! I birdied two of the last three holes, too! This was a very, very memorable trip (I have mucho pictures, dont worry) and I plan on going back. St andrews is one of the coolest cities of all time yo. Ok I am going to go chill and pack and then I leave at 2:30 tomorrow (that would be 6:30 am seattle time on tuesday). If anyone still wants to be friends, we could hang out on thursday or friday if Im not too tired. SEATTLE HERE I COME I MISS YOU BO!

grrrrrrrrr Aug. 28th, 2005 @ 10:14 am
So I just pain three quid to get an hour of internet time at a cafe here at st andrews and it wont load gmail. GRRRRR!

So I am here at st andrews and it is more amazing than I thought it to be. It is a little scottish town that has a crazy mix of old scottish people, vacationing americans and old money type college students. Right now I am about to go to the British Golf Museum (unless I find another internet cafe to quickly check my gmail) and then at 1 pm (in three hours) I am taking a tour of St andrews and the royal and ancient golf courses.

Yesterday I took a six hour train (it didnt feel that long) from London Kings Cross to Leuchars, (pr. lewkers) and then took a ten minute bus to st andrews. The train ride was amazing, it was on the water, and we saw all these hills and everything. Lots of sheep too!

After we arrived in our hostel I walked to the Old Course and found that there is a public trail that goes throughout the entire golfing area, so I walked for a couple hours throughout the courses- jubilee and the old and new courses (the new course was build in 1898).

Then we found a cool restaurant for dinner next to the course and I had deep fried potato skins, chili and nachos. yum!

Everything closes here early so we decided to go see The Cave at the local theater and it was terribly horribly not scary in a funny sort of way. Have you seen armageddon? Alien? Alien Vs preditor? Any other stupid movie? Yeah, then youve seen the cave lol.

Ok, well I am off to the british golf museum and I hope that you are all jealous!!!!

oh happy day! Aug. 25th, 2005 @ 10:01 am
So I finished my paper at 11 last night and got to go to bed early! So nice! Now Im at the fourth net cafe and the first one thats open with a printer! I printed my paper and everything is downhill from here! My test went very well yesterday, should get a good grade! This paper is also the best Ive done for middlemarch! Im so happy. In two days.... ST ANDREWS! Tomorrow Im going to go gift shopping and go on the london eye! Im so happy! PLUS JEREMY SOLD MY V35p4! Yes!
Other entries
» almost done!
So I feel bad that I am so excited to get done with the summer quarter. One of the classes, middlemarch, is just so bad! Its so bad because the teacher is a horrible teacher and a horrible human being. He teachers nothing and just basically tells us his political opinions whenever he gets the chance. He does a horrible job telling us the assignments, which results in bad grades by me. So yesterday I thought Id be a good student and email him about the prompt for the final paper. He said this:

Pat, I talked for ten minutes in class explaining what I wanted. That was the time to ask for clarification.

Yeah, hes a jerk beast. Then he gave me a "brief" explanation that was 8 lines long, lol.

Anyways, I have a paper for that class then Im done with his stupid book!

I come back next week, too! But not after I visit the holyland aka st andrews and the royal and ancient golf course aka the old course! Its going to be a blast this weekend even though its going to be pouring down rain!
» most expensive update ever
I am sitting here in the stansted airport paying £1 for ten minutes of internet and I have a minute left! So I am waiting to get on the plane to go to dublin and I dont really know what we are going to do, me and the five other girls :) but we will have a blast. Its raining and I am wearing sandalls! BYE!
» The literary version of satan
Middlemarch. Argh! As if reading hard novel wasnt bad enough- my teacher gives no assistance in the understanding of it! In addition, he does a terrible job of explaining assignments.

Here is how you know a bad teacher is a bad teacher:

When people who have read the assignment make worse grades than the sorority girls who read the sparknotes.

I hate this teacher, he is so bad!!!!!!!!!!

In other news I am going to Dublin this weekend and that should be a blast! Also, I will try to go get my pics put on a cd so I can put them up on the website ok? I miss all of you! I come back in just a few weeks! I already feel that my trip is winding to an end and I dont feel sad. I feel excited!

FIrslty, I am going to ireland this weekend and by far the best part of my trip will be visiting the holy land, St Andrews next weekend when school gets out!

I am really excited toget back to seattle too! I miss so many people and if anything, I have learned why America is the best country in the world. Firstly, just the ability to think that is very awesome because so many people HATE their country because of suppression, povery and a bad government. Also, for those who havent been out of the country, America is so incredibly friendly! I was telling my dad today that in England, they talk about how nice people are in NEW YORK CITY! HAHA! Thats how unfriendly people in europe are. Except for Italy. People in italy are the nicest people outside of the west coast of america. They are so great! Even though I didnt speak their language they were just happy to have me visiting them- they are so inviting and hospitable. Ok I am going home and hoping that my homestay parents arent sleeping in the tv room!
» Where do I start?
Ok, so I guess that I will start with friday

I skipped the second half of the worst day of class of all time (my teacher is ignorant, cocky, rude and worst of all, massively liberal) to take the Stansted Express train to the airport. We got to the airport without a lot of time and made it to the gave about 30 miunutes before takeoff. For those who havent flown RyanAir, The Cheap Fares Airline, they sell very cheap tickets throughout europe but pack too many people in their 737s so that they can, well, be cheapoer. I cannot express how little room you have in these flights. Oh well, it was fun!

WHen we got off the flight I was pretty worried (as I would be the entire weekend) about how we were getting to the next place. We got directions to our hostel, in some piazza, and we walked for about 15 minutes till we got there. When we found the square, there was no sign for the hostel anywhere. All we knew was that it was in suite six. We found six, and on the door, among other ads, was a hand written sign saying "Pink Floyd Enjoy Hostel" lol. Someone above us was yelling Hostel? at us, so we got buzzed in. WHen we got up to the hostel they told uis that they had no room, which scared me! But then they felt so bad because we had no place to stay that they let us sleep for ten euros in their room under construction, which barely had constructed beds,- they had to assemble them for us! We went to a hole in the wall pizza place after that for basically the best pizza Ive ever had. Then we walked back to the station and found a restaurant and got some dessert and got sat next to some Americans! It was nice that night because everyone in Rome speaks english- the international language! :-)

That night was the worst sleep ever. Of all time- they were doing constuction next to our room which had too many windows and it sounded like they were driving a semi into the building!

The next day we went all throughout rome. It was one of the most fun days I can remember. We went to the coliseum, ruins, forum, vatican, st peters basilica, one of those small restaurants in the midddle of a road where the cars are still driving and miss you by six inches, and more- it was too great.

After that we went to Florence, but caught the wrong train- we got one that took 3 horus instead of 1.5, oh well. THen we caught a bus to our campsite, not a hostel but a camp site, and hung out in the big "market" area with similar people till 4 in the morning.

The next day I was worried that we wouldnt make our flight because our train time was too late, so we changed the train to a few horus earlier, and then experienced Italian Italy. THis is like the difference between New York's version of america, all international and showy, and then the true american of smaller cities. Florence was GREAT! Our site was on Michaelangelo's hill, which is the best spot for looking at the city, and then we went to the Duomo cathedral, and climbed the tower, 420 steps or so, to look at the whole city.

Then we had a few horus left so we walked a while and before we needed to go we found a guy playing italian music on accordian and then ate outside at a restaurant on the street where he was playing. Nobody there spoke american... i mean english, and it was great. All I ate was gelato!!!

We took the right train back, but when we got back to rome and spent an hour looking for the bus we found out that we missed the last one and had to take the tube to the city limits and then hopefully find a running bus. We took the subway tube thing and it took forever and when we got to the station it was totally dead- no one working to help us! Eventually, I was totally stresssing at this point and melissa was laughing at me, we found a bus that took us there and we caught our plane.

Back in London we got home so late that the tubes werent running so we had to take the night busses into the middle of the city and then find another one that went to Harrow, which I am learning is in the boonies compared to where everyone else lives. Eventually my 2 hour busride came to an end at Harrow station and I walked my last mile and a half the way home. It was great to be home and get some almost real diet coke. In continental europe they sell coke light, which is HORRIBLE! In england at least they have fake diet coke so I was happy. Now I am sitting here and Im going to eat. Pics will be up soon!
» another quick update
Took the wrong train to Florence last night but eventually got here and we camped at a big campground with a big parket and cafe and everything. Its good but I yesterday wore me out and Im not feeling too hot.

Rome was great and we both had a blast but I am totally sunburned! Brian I had two gelatos just for you!

Other than that I am having a good time but I am worried about getting home because melissa booked the flight that was too late and we are getting home after the underground closes! Also, we have to go change our train or we wont even make that flight!

Have a great sunday everyonme!
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